Paul Maxwell has returned to his position as global head of structured trade finance at KBC in London, having been CFO at Crown Commodities from August to December last year. Owing to a management buyout, Maxwell decided to move and that’s when KBC offered him his old job back. “I am delighted to be back,” says Maxwell. “We are very busy and have a good deal flow.”

The structured trade team has undergone a reorganisation too, along product lines rather than geographical lines. “We felt times had changed and that we needed to reorganise along product lines,” Maxwell comments. “This is more in line with what other banks are doing I think.”

The team has divided into an energy, a soft commodities, and a metals and mining desk. Each of these desks has a global remit. Inna Oleinik is heading the energy desk, Fred Arnold the soft commodities desk, and Mike Marnell the metals desk.