PrimeRevenue has launched PrimeRevenue Capital Management, a new, London-based entity offering working capital finance to its clients.

Headed by Richard Tynan as managing director, the new venture will provide corporates with low-risk and low-cost access to capital, often for the first time, while presenting opportunities for investors looking for new income sources.

“As one of the largest originators of trade assets, we are revolutionising the market once again, allowing businesses to select from a broader pool of capital that they have not traditionally had access to. It is also the first time that mid-market and sub-investment grade companies get access to working capital finance,” says PJ Bain, CEO of PrimeRevenue.

According to the firm, investors could include insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds, capital market investors and other financial institutions, which have not traditionally been involved in working capital finance in the past.

Tynan adds: “Given the current constraints in the international banking system and importance of supporting the growing demand for working capital finance solutions, it became imperative to develop mechanisms for investors to participate in these supply chain finance programmes.”