Sinosure and Ducroire/Delcredere, the leading export credit agencies of China and Belgium respectively, have recently signed a facultative reinsurance agreement.


This agreement broadens Sinosure’s access to companies already in contact with Ducroire/Delcredere wanting to be active in China and at the same time enables Ducroire/Delcredere to offer a better service to its clients. The contact it has established with Sinosure and the clear information it can give to its clients on Sinosure’s short-term products are essential for the cooperation.


Cooperation is further strengthened by a continuous training process where both parties learn from the other’s techniques and experiences.


“China is a main export and investment market for our clients and we progressively developed contacts with Sinosure in this respect. Now we went a step further with the signature of a facultative reinsurance agreement which will allow us to offer a better service to our clients that have established subsidiaries in China for the local sales of their products” says Yves Windelincx, CEO of Ducroire/Delcredere.


This adds to the different agreements that Ducroire/Delcredere has already put in place, mostly in EU countries but also in India and Russia for example.