The Fund for Promotion of Sustainable Infrastructure Projects (Proinfra), set up by the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) last year to improve the quality of infrastructure projects, starts its first operation in Bolivia with a US$1.2mn grant for a Study of the Technical Economic Feasibility, Environmental Impact and Preliminary Design of the Ravelo-Unc­a-Llallagua Alternative Highway.


CAF president and CEO Enrique Garca and development planning minister Gabriel Loza signed a non-reimbursable technical cooperation agreement in the Palace of Government, in the presence of Bolivian president, Evo Morales.


For CAF, the purpose of this first operation is to support a project that promotes the physical integration of Bolivian territory and generates economic opportunities for neighbouring localities.


The 194km Ravelo-Uncla-llallagua highway crosses mining areas and connects localities between Potos­ and Sucre. The section is part of the National Development Plan prepared by the current administration. The objective is to create a transport system that contributes to national and international integration and promotes competitiveness.


Proinfra, which was set up with the objective of improving the quality of infrastructure projects, gives priority to projects that emphasise regional integration or introduce innovative financing schemes. The fund is one of the actions taken by CAF to support the South American Regional Infrastructure Initiative (IIRSA).