Cotecna, the international inspection group, has signed a six year contract with the government of Equatorial Guinea. This contract includes pre-shipment inspection, document verification at the point of origin which will be carried out by Cotecna’s vast worldwide network, and destination scanning at the ports of entry.


The verification process will use Cotecna’s Computerized Risk Management System (CRMS), a powerful IT Customs application that collects and analyses trade transactions to assign the correct level of intervention depending on the risk.


Cotecna will set up offices in the maritime ports and airports of Bata and Malabo where the operations will take place. A total of four scanners will be deployed; a mobile scanner at each maritime port and a pallet scanner at each airport.


Over the past few years Equatorial Guinea, a country with massive oil reserves, has played a major role in the regional organizations. This new inspection contract confirms the government’s firm intention of increasing internal and external security and modernising the country’s customs and tax situation.