Lionel Taylor and John Bugeja have joined forces to launch Trade Advisory Network.

The two used to work at Lloyds, Taylor as head of global trade and supply chain finance product, and Bugeja as head of sales, before setting up individual consultancy firms in 2012.

“Creating Trade Advisory Network seemed like a natural step,” Taylor tells GTR, as “more and more like-minded people, many of whom have held very senior positions in banks, have expressed an interest to become associated with us.”

Trade Advisory Network was registered in October 2014, but is now officially open for business. Due to the nature of the business, the names of clients remains confidential, but these include both bank and non-bank financial institutions.

According to Taylor, current assignments include interim management at a major bank, supplier on boarding activity in China and Hong Kong, advisory to a technology company, and advisory and risk management for an alternative financier.

“Operating together provides us better opportunity to take on and manage assignments while still marketing and scaling the business. Also by having an associate network we can support each other and our reach will be increased,” he says.

As the associate network and portfolio expands, the two will likely be looking to hire more people.