Rebecca Harding has relinquished her role of CEO of Delta Economics, eight years after founding the company. “I’m looking forward to connecting back with my economic roots, and becoming a leading commentator and expert in trade and trade finance,” she tells GTR.

“It is always difficult to make a decision when it is a company you founded like this. Delta has some amazing opportunities ahead of it but I felt that my opportunities were best served by getting myself back into economics, trade and trade finance, rather than carrying on as chief executive,” Harding explains.

She plans on co-operating with the company on a project-by-project basis. Harding does not see herself becoming a competitor to Delta, but is looking forward to shaping the debate around trade finance and trade as an independent consultant. “Just because trade is shrinking at the moment does not make it less important, it makes it more important, we understand what are the drivers behind all that, we understand where the world is going.”