The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has appointed Luis Fernando Barbosa Sahagun as its new vice-chair of the commission on customs and trade facilitation.

The commission’s primary remit is to overcome trade barriers and positively boost individual international trade transactions.

Barbosa, the current chairman of the ICC Mexico commission on customs and trade facilitation, says: “For cross-border trade to further prosper and lead to economic growth and job creation, it is fundamental that the customs agencies of the 21st century operate in the context of an increasing globalised world.”

“It is therefore imperative that customs best practices are promoted, such as the implementation of electronic processes, to clear goods and improve risk management without affecting the flow and distribution of goods to markets,” he adds.

The new vice-chair has served on several Mexican parliamentary committees, most notably as chief staff of the commerce committee, where he successfully co-ordinated the amendment to the Mexican commercial code to introduce electronic signatures, thereby enabling secure e-commerce.

Commenting on his appointment, John Danilovich, ICC secretary general, says: “The ICC commission on customs and trade facilitation stands to benefit greatly from Barbosa’s broad expertise in areas relating to international trade, customs and logistics, as well as from his close relationships with chambers of commerce and industry representatives in Latin America.”

Barbosa will work closely with current chair of the Commission, Norman Schenk, who is vice-president of global customs policy and public affairs at UPS. He will also work alongside Jean-Marie Salva and Oliver Peltzer, vice-chairs of the Commission.