British Arab Commercial Bank (BACB) has appointed David Smithson as associate director for Anglophone Africa.

London-based BACB says Smithson will focus on specialist banking solutions for clients involved in trade with West and African Anglophone nations.

He was previously regional banker for East and Southern Africa at Crown Agents Bank, and has also worked closely with central and commercial banks across the continent in front-office treasury sales roles.

Smithson says that in the immediate term, BACB’s clients “will be looking for much-needed support in navigating the extremely challenging market conditions” caused by the outbreak of Covid-19.

The bank plans to play “an integral role” both in supporting clients through the current crisis and in providing trade finance facilities that assist the global recovery.

Chief executive Susie Aliker says Smithson has “extensive, region-specific experience”, adding: “We continue to develop our services for clients and explore new channels for growth in Africa.”

The hire follows last month’s appointment of Michael Rolfe as BACB’s head of commodity finance.