Speranza Systems, a provider of treasury and bank relationship management software, has been named a trusted partner of IdenTrust, the global leader in trusted identity solutions.

As an IdenTrust Trusted Partner, Speranza will be able to provide its customers access to a network and credentials accepted by leading financial institutions around the world.

Speranza customers will be able to eliminate paper-based identity systems and the no longer secure pin/password authentication and dramatically improve the efficiency of communications related to bank account management functions, while maintaining the highest levels of trust and security.

Founded in 1999, IdenTrust enables organisations to effectively manage the risks associated with identity authentication; work inter-operably with countries around the world; minimise investment in creating their own policies and legal frameworks; and deploy a spectrum of products insuring trust smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively.

The only bank-developed identity authentication system, IdenTrust provides a unique legally and technologically interoperable environment for authenticating and using identities worldwide. Additionally, the IdenTrust infrastructure maintains the privacy of each and every transaction processed by reading only digital certificate information, not the message itself.

Comments Glen Solimine, CEO of Speranza: “Most important is what this relationship means for our customers. Use of the Speranza Command Center will enable organizations to effectively manage the risks associated with identity authentication; work inter-operably with their banks around the world; and insure that all communication with their banks for opening, closing or changing bank accounts or adding, removing or changing signers or other authorities is executed in the most secure and inter-operable means possible.”

“Speranza, as a leading provider to the treasury and banking markets, understands the vulnerabilities and limitations of identity authentication solutions that simply authenticate the site to the user, and not who the user really is,” says Andrea Klein, chief marketing officer for IdenTrust. “Instead, Speranza, as a trusted partner of IdenTrust, can provide its customers with access to the most effective and comprehensive identity authentication solution available today – one that cross-authenticates a user with the site and secures the two through digital certificates, which have been issued only after the parties have been fully vetted. As important, IdenTrust enables validation of certificates against a real-time updated list that indicates whether or not the certificate has expired or been revoked – an essential capability in split-second world of e-commerce.”

Speranza is the leading provider of treasury and bank relationship management software. Serving mid-sized and large corporations, Speranza’s web-based products and services are deployed globally, providing clients with a flexible, centralized structure for managing all aspects of banking relationships. Founded in 2005, Speranza has a management team with extensive experience in the dynamic interface between corporate treasury and technology needs.