Cotecna has signed a 14-month contract with the ministry of finance of the Republic of Yemen for the implementation of ValueQuest. ValueQuest is a software package created by Cotecna and designed to assist customs administrations in the valuation of goods. It aims to protect public revenue and promote trade facilitation.


ValueQuest incorporates appropriate security features to prevent unauthorised access to information.


Cotecna will implement ValueQuest in a number of phases in coordination with the Yemen Customs Authority (YCA). ValueQuest will be customised and installed at YCA HQ in Sana’a and connected to the various Customs posts throughout Yemen.


In April 2006, Cotecna signed a consultancy service agreement with Yemen to advise on the installation and operation of scanners. This agreement was extended in October 2006 to include training and other services.


Joe Saliba, Cotecna vice-president for Middle East, says: “This new contract with the Republic of Yemen confirms Cotecna’s continuing development in the Middle East. Our strength lies in the personalisation of services that respond to our customer’s specific needs. We are proud to accompany the Republic of Yemen in their modernisation process.”