Bolero MENA, the regional provider of secure electronic document transfer systems has formed a strategic alliance with Oman TradaNet (OTN),

  • Oman’s online business exchange, to widen the market for’s leading edge products and solutions in Oman, and to help OTN provide a complete electronic connectivity package to their members.


The alliance will focus on the joint promotion and marketing of secure electronic trade documents to all parties in the overall trading community including government, financial institutions, corporates, chambers of commerce, and logistics providers.

OTN is the Middle East’s leading e-commerce services company and provides total e-commerce solutions for Oman’s business and government communities through leading edge infrastructure and a highly advanced data center. OTN’s strength is its Digital Exchange iX2, which is designed to provide the Oman business and public sector communities with a platform to trade with each other using the Internet, offering services such as electronic movement of documents, hosting and management of online auctions, cataloging and logistics. One of the most recent achievements for OTN was a tie-up with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) for connecting their trading community of over 3,500 Oman and internationally-based organisations.

“OTN’s commitment to the advancement of e-commerce is reflected in the impressive portfolio of clients made up of major corporate and public sector organisations,” says Alan Livingston, chief executive officer, OTN. “This new partnership with Bolero MENA is a significant development for us, because it will enhance our image through association with, which has some of the most secure and sought after e-commerce enabling solutions. With the tie-up we foresee a new dawn for e-commerce in Oman and we are particularly delighted that our existing clients will be able to enjoy the benefits of the systems as a result of this alliance.”

“The solutions are accelerating the pace of e-commerce globally, because of their proven ability to facilitate secure electronic exchange of documents, powered by Swift, the prestigious organisation that sets the standards in online financial transactions using advanced encryption technology,” says Steve van den Heever, chief operating officer of Bolero MENA. “We believe this region is poised for a phenomenal growth in e-commerce and Oman is one of the countries that is showing signs of being ready for a fast transition into the world of e-commerce.”

“We welcome the opportunity to work with a well respected company like OTN. Our alliance with OTN, now the largest B2B exchange in the Middle East, will propel us to market our highly successful products to a wider group of companies using OTN’s strong market-base and client portfolio,” adds van den Heever. “As part of our expansion drive, Bolero is delighted to form strategic alliances with committed local e-commerce leaders such as OTN. We are confident this partnership will lead to a rapid spread of e-commerce across the Sultanate and beyond.”