ML Asset Holdings (an indirect subsidiary of Merrill Lynch) has acquired a membership interest in Rosemount Capital Management and Merrill Lynch LP Holdings has made a limited partnership investment in the Rosemount Global Trade Finance Fund.

In addition, Merrill Lynch Mortgage Capital has agreed to provide the fund with a senior secured revolving credit facility.

Rosemount Capital Management (RCM) is the investment manager for the Rosemount Global Trade Finance Fund Rosemount Capital Management was established in 2005 by the management of RCM and Wood Creek Venture Fund (managed by Wood Creek Capital Management, itself a joint venture between Norfolk Management Group and Babson Capital Management).

Babson Capital’s parent, the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), a Fortune 100 company, has been a limited partner investor in Rosemount Global Trade Finance Fund since inception of the fund.