HPD Software has launched Aquarius Trade Finance, an end-to-end trade finance solution allowing financiers to customise their lending according to client requirements.

The product works domestically as well as internationally, linking the whole trade process to increase cashflow efficiency and minimise risk. It can be installed onto financiers’ own networks or as a cloud-based solution.

Kevin Day, chief operating officer at HPD Software, tells GTR that although large banks are under huge political pressure to provide funding to SMEs, the costs associated with that activity are not always worth it. According to him, automating the process and allowing banks to interact with clients electronically and customise their services can help bridge that gap.

Aquarius Trade Finance allows the funding of purchases, payables, repackaging and even distribution costs, as well as the management of currency risk.

“In the past, the financing of the business life cycle, from sales orders, to the import of goods, to inventory and receivables, were viewed as individual pieces of a puzzle – each being funded separately. What we have done is to link all the pieces together so that service providers can offer a holistic solution to fund the working capital and trade finance requirements of a business, to provide the cash where and when it is needed,” Day adds.

HPD’s Aquarius product suite already includes applications for factoring and construction finance.