UK export credit agency ECGD has launched a public consultation on its anti-bribery and corruption procedures which it introduced in December 2004. The public consultation was launched on March 18 and will run for three months.

The consultation was launched following the settlement in January 2005 of a planned judicial review with NGO The Corner House. Under the terms of the settlement, ECGD agreed, without conceding that it should have consulted The Corner House on its procedures as part of its commitment, in principle, to consult on major policy issues, that it would conduct a public consultation and take account of all representations it received.

In attempting to bring about the review, The Corner House had sought to quash the revised anti-bribery and corruption procedures ECGD introduced in December 2004. Had the procedures been struck down, the interests of UK exporters and ECGD’s ability to support them would have been damaged, claim the export credit agency (ECA). So long as this was the case, ECGD needed to defend this action, it adds.

The December 2004 regulations, which are among the toughest in use among ECAs, will remain in force while the public consultation is being conducted, an outcome which has been described as “sensible” by the Confederation of British Industries and which enables ECGD to continue to offer its services to industry in the meantime. This underlines ECGD’s commitment to supporting exporters while maintaining robust measures against bribery and corruption.

Copies of the consultation document are available on ECGD’s website at