Iraq needs US$25bn by 2015 to upgrade its electricity sector and more than double power generation capacity in the war-torn country.


“We need funds worth US$24.9bn,” Iraq’s electricity minister, Karim Waheed, says.


The funds are needed to execute a far-reaching plan for Iraq’s electricity sector aimed at raising installed power generation capacity to 23,193MW by 2011 from the current 11,120MW and to improve national transmission and distribution network, Waheed says.


By 2015, capacity is set to increase by a further 5,000MW to 28,243MW.


The South Baghdad and Mussaib gas-fired plants will be expanded as part of the plans, as well as the Samarra diesel station.


Baghdad also plans to minimise crude usage in power plants in the future and utilise larger volumes of associated natural gas instead, much of which is currently being flared, the minister says.


Gas flaring is planned to be reduced by 3.5tn cubic feet between 2006 and 2015.