Sinotrans, one of the largest integrated logistics companies in China, and Cotecna, the Swiss international inspection group, have launched a joint venture, Sino-Swiss Inspection Co (SSIC). The venture will provide trade-related services for product and commodity inspection, trade facilitation and trade security for the rapidly growing Chinese market.

The new company will offer a range of services in the areas of inspection/monitoring and control, trade facilitation, logistics and trade finance, compliance and security. The company will combine the technical expertise, client contacts and global network structure of Cotecna with the business relationships, integrated logistics infrastructure and operational capabilities of the Sinotrans group in China.

This joint venture will establish a new force in commercial inspection in China. The overall inspection market in China is already estimated to be worth over US$300mn and is increasing rapidly with the growth in the Chinese economy.

The JV company is headquartered in Beijing and eight offices will be set up throughout the principal industrial and ports regions of northern and eastern China. The company will operate on a ‘virtual management’ model with a professional management team relying heavily on state-of-the-art IT systems and solutions.

Zhang Jianwei, chairman of SSIC and president of Sinotrans says: “For an economy to function to maximum potential it has to be able to trade freely. SSIC will provide a service that will help importers and exporters to quickly and efficiently move their raw materials and finished goods to their customers to the benefit of all.”

Robert Massey, vice-chairman of SSIC and CEO of Cotecna adds: “With Sinotrans’s logistical expertise and Cotecna’s established credentials and knowledge built up in our inspection operations around the world, I am confident that SSIC will quickly establish itself as a major player in this growing and important market.”