Noble Resources, the Hong Kong-based commodity house has recently announced a global expansion of its non-ferrous metals trading activities, building on its existing Asian Aluminum business. In line with the company’s strategy, Noble Group’s CEO Richard Elman says that “non-ferrous trading was the next natural progression for our organic growth and the timing was fortunate for us to be able to expand this business”.

Recently appointed president of Noble Resources SA Elliot Spitz, has brought in an experienced team led by Philip Gross who will be responsible for aluminium trading globally with a special focus on their US distribution business. Lucy Winchel, formerly of Wise Metals and Philip Brothers, together with Paul Koenig formerly of Metal Exchange, will be running the US business out of Stamford, Connecticut and New Orleans respectively, where a marketing office has also been set up. Philip Gross adds: “as a business we have a proven track record with our suppliers and buyers to whom we have efficiently provided a vital supply chain.”