Canadian mining and energy company Sherritt International has just finalised negotiations on a 150MW expansion to the 33MW Boca de Jaruco thermoelectric plant in Cuba and will start construction this year.
The 80MW first phase involves the installation of two additional gas turbines which should be operating within 18 months of construction starting. The second phase would add 70MW in combined cycle operations.
The second phase expansion of the combined cycle facility will be assessed once the first is in operations owing to a need to assess the availability of natural gas.
A considerable amount of gas is still being flared, which is why Sherritt is expanding its power facilities.
Along with the 173MW Varadero plant, Boca de Jaruco is owned by the Energas JV in which Sherritt and Cuba’s respective oil and electricity companies – Cuba Petrleo (Cupet) and Union Electrica (UNE) – all have 33% stakes.
Sherritt will finance, construct and operate the expanded facilities under the terms of a memorandum of understanding between Energas partners signed in March this year. Sherritt will generate 20% of the island’s power on completion compared to 12-13% at present.