Trade finance technology firm Traydstream has hired Moshe Wolfson as its new sales and origination lead for European banks.

Wolfson, who joined the company this month, previously spent more than 12 years at Surecomp – a provider of trade finance systems to banks and corporates – where he had been working most recently as executive vice-president of sales.

Serving in the role for four years, he was involved in all of the company’s sales globally, managing both pre-sale activities and process negotiations, while also working to develop fintech partner programmes.

Prior to Surecomp, he spent over six years as vice-president and general manager at Supercom, an Israeli-based firm which provides traditional and digital identity solutions to governments and organisations globally.

Speaking about the hire, Traydstream’s chief revenue officer, Uzair Bawany says: “His ability to connect current client requirements with innovative solutions from the tech space is particularly insightful as is his great insight in working with trade banks.”

The move follows the departure of Terry Hubert, who joined TradeSun in February after four months in charge of global sales and origination.

Traydstream’s platform works to help banks and corporates digitise trade finance transactions and automate document checks.

The solution uses optical character recognition (OCR) to read, scan and structure paper-based information digitally. Meanwhile it uses machine learning to automate the scrutiny, clause matching, rules and compliance-checking process.

Wolfson is based in London where Traydstream has its headquarters. The firm also has offices in India and Pakistan.