Standard Chartered has restructured its syndications group, creating a loan syndicate desk to handle primary distribution and stripping out secondary loan sales to a newly formed Global Investor Sales group.The five regional syndications heads, reporting to the global head of syndications, Philip Cracknell, remain the same. They now are each in charge of a one or two-person loan syndicate desk.

For Northeast Asia, based in Hong Kong, Joanne Wong and Silvie Wong will report to the head of Northeast Asia syndications, Eric Chan. Joanne Wong previously worked in distribution, while Silvie Wong previously worked in originations.

For Southeast Asia, based in Singapore, Boey Yoke Kit and Imelda Laibahas will report to the head of Southeast Asia syndications, Pat Waranimman. Boey, previously in originations, will head the desk. Laibahas previously was in distribution.

For Europe, Africa and India, based in London, Pamela Green, previously in originations and David Kempton, previously in distribution, will report to the head of Europe, Africa and India syndications, Hiren Singharay.

For the Middle East and Pakistan, based in Dubai, Anand Bangur previously in distribution and Ali Noon, previously in originations, will report to the head of Middle East and Pakistan syndications, Jonathan Ward.

For the Americas, based in New York, Joel Martinez will report to the head of Americas syndications, Steven Aloupis. Previously at ABN Amro, Martinez joined StanChart on January 1.

As before, loan origination remains the responsibility of the syndications teams.

In Hong Kong, the originations team comprises Eric Cheng, Jonathan Lee and Chris Yip.

In Singapore, the originations team has been split into a marketing team and an execution team.

The marketing team comprises Velarie Lee covering the Philippines and Thailand and Harrison Ong covering Singapore and Indonesia, with Esther Teo supporting both. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Wang Vui Chung heads the Malaysian marketing team, which also includes Ng Hooi Wan.

The execution team is headed by Prapakon Thongtheppairot. Reporting to Thongtheppairot are Nikki Lia and Lie Wan Ning.

Meanwhile, Anton Martin, previously the global head of loan distribution, is now heading up Global Investor Sales (GIS), and will relocate to Singapore from Hong Kong.

GIS covers the distribution of foreign exchange, bonds, asset-backed securities to banks and investors and the sale of investment products to global corporates. Additionally, GIS covers secondary loan sales.

Wolfgang Beckmann, previously the head of Southeast Asia distribution, has been appointed head of secondary loan and asset sales.Under Beckmann, Grance Wong is now the regional head for Northeast Asia; Teo Kok Leong is the regional head for Southeast Asia; Rafael Valbuena is the regional head for Europe, Africa and India; Rehan Samee is the regional head for the Middle East and Pakistan; and James Hughes is the regional head for the Americas.

Both Cracknell and Martin now report to Brad Levitt, global head of capital markets, wholesale banking. Levitt took over from David Worth.