BPL Global’s Asia staff are involved in a changeover that will see: Hong Kong chief executive Peter Gilbert move to Singapore to take up the same role there; deputy chairman Anthony Palmer leave Singapore and move back to London; and existing employee Margaret Ho appointed as Hong Kong chief executive.

Palmer has headed up the Singapore subsidiary since its opening in 2012, and will remain in charge of the company’s Asia Pacific operations from its London headquarters.

He comments on his move: “The plan has always been for me to return to London after the successful establishment of our Singapore operations – so I am happy we are now in a position to action this.

“I will continue to visit both Singapore and Hong Kong on a quarterly basis to ensure that we continue to build on our success so far in Asia Pacific, which remains central to our global growth aspirations. But, in terms of day-to-day operations, it’s extremely reassuring to know that I can pass on the baton to someone of Peter’s experience and expertise.”

Gilbert, who has been chief executive of the Hong Kong branch since 2011, comments on his move to Singapore: “After 12 years of working in Hong Kong, I’m excited by the move to Singapore to help service BPL Global’s base of banks and corporates, as well as develop new markets and clients. I’m pleased to say that we’ve seen significant growth since we started in Asia in 2011, and I see great scope for further expansion.”

Ho joined BPL Global as senior broker in January 2014.