Iranian and Syrian oil ministers have fine tuned their calls to further cooperation in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. “We have taken steps to increase ties. We are hopeful,” Syrian minister Ibrahim Haddad has said.

He adds that Iran’s petrochemical progress stood at good level and demanded Tehran’s aid.

The Syrian minister gave an upbeat assessment of scientific cooperation between Tehran and Damascus. He called for Iran to grant its experience to Syria in petrochemical sector.

For his part, Zanganeh said Iran-Syria ties stood at a good level and expressed hope for improvement of oil and energy ties.

“We are fully ready to cooperate with Syria in petrochemical industry,” Zanganeh said while announcing that the Syrian minister and his delegates were supposed to tour the facilities in giant South Pars Gas Field.

“Our policies are based on expansion of cooperation and it would bolster our cultural ties,” he said.