Trema, the provider of treasury and asset management software for corporations and financial institutions, has extended the breadth of its cash management offering to cover the entire financial supply chain with the addition of two payment modules – Financial eXchange Server (FXS) and ReconFact Server (RFS) – from Netherlands-based cash and invoice management specialist Global Payments and Collections (GP&C).


Trema will be granted initial responsibility for three customers including Shell Treasury Centre to sub-license and support the FXS software as part of the deal. In addition, Trema’s superior offering with FXS, a payment factory solution, and RFS, an advanced automated invoice/payment checking system, will form an integral part of its technology portfolio for both existing and future customers across the globe.


RFS offers some of the most advanced reconciliation matching software available. Teamed with Trema’s existing cash and treasury functionality, the additional modules will enhance the ability for large organisations to manage their working capital and financial value chain faster and more accurately, and thus far more efficiently than via many enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, claims the firm.


Providing powerful accounts payable and accounts receivable reconciliation, the module has extremely strong exception handling capabilities, reducing the need for manual input and increasing the percentage of automation in the process, claims Trema. Despite their power, the tools seamlessly integrate with existing ERP and financial systems.