Calypso Technology, a provider of capital markets trading solutions for global financial institutions, has launched a new cash management module for internal and client accounts. The new module enables Calypso users to streamline their own accounts, as well as provide a value-added service to their clients.

The new module is designed to allow clients to carry out cash management tasks on both internal (nostro) accounts and also client accounts. It also enables the monitoring of cash positions and the creation and sending of account statements according to a user’s definitions.

Account sweeping can be executed manually or as a scheduled task, with transfers made automatically as required. Interest calculations, the ability to apply management fees to nostro and client accounts, as well as comprehensive reconciliation facilities, including the generation of appropriate SWIFT messages, assists Calypso users in updating their own and their client’s accounts in a timely and accurate fashion.

Fully integrated with the Calypso cross-asset processing solution, the cash management module incorporates Calypso’s workflow capability to give users the option to automate each process as required.