GTR recently published the brief results of the 2006 International Trade Survey for the UK, undertaken by Novus Initium in our Jan/Feb 2007 issue. Novus is now undertaking the 2007 survey, which will look more closely at how UK companies view their banks. What do trading companies want from their banks

  • How are government agencies supporting companies trading internationally
  • Novus would like to invite companies to contribute to this survey by emailing or visiting for details.
    Banks and government agencies may wish to purchase the findings, says Novus Initium’s Mark Runiewicz, which will show the ‘drivers” that companies use when selecting and working with banks.
    The report can be tailored and analysed to meet the specific needs of financial institutions and other interested parties. This work continues the surveys undertaken by Runiewicz over the last 12 years and tracks the changes in banking and government support and traders “needs.
    This year’s survey will rate the top trade finance banks in the UK by both geographic region and turnover of companies.