Rusal, the Russian global aluminium producer, has announced the transfer of its extruded products division to Glavstroy, a company managing the construction assets of Basic Element. The handover is part of the merger agreement between Rusal, Sual and Glencore.


The extruded products division is Russia’s leading extruded construction products developer and manufacturer accounting for 20% of the market. The division supplies a wide range of products including aluminium profiles and systems for the construction industry, interior design developers and machine-building enterprises.


The division will become part of Glavstroy, adding to a full range of construction related activities including investment, project development, production of construction materials and engineering equipment, facility launch and management.


“The addition of the extruded products division to our company is a logical step in the Glavstroy strategy. We plan to develop the construction of high calibre accommodation facilities and strengthen our competitive advantages in the market,” says Artur Markaryan, CEO of Glavstroy. “We aim to integrate extruded products quickly to increase our flexibility in meeting the changing market demand for architectural structures.”


The division provides facade structures for the construction of commercial buildings, housing, office buildings, shopping centres, schools, kindergartens outdoor fitness and recreational centres in Moscow. Windal-Progress, produced by the Division, is a window frame that has been used in schools and kindergartens for several decades.


The Mosmek factory in the city of Vidnoye in the Moscow region forms part of the division. It is one of the largest extruded aluminium design and production enterprises in Russia. Founded in 1971, the factory is capable of producing 13,500 tonnes of extruded products and 2,000 tonnes of construction structures per year. In 2006, the Division produced 14,425 tonnes of aluminium architecture profiles and construction systems, an annual increase of 8.4%.