In a framework of the implementation of the national export development programme for 2006-10 Belarus intends to increase the share of high-technology commodities in total exports to 37% by 2010 from the current 19%, Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov has said.

“Exports of high-technology commodities, including energy and resource-saving solutions will double. Emphasis will be placed on the pharmaceutical sector, instruments and microelectronics,” Martynov says.

The export development programme aims to increase the share of services in the country’s total exports. Exports of services are to rise by US$1.1bn by 2010 under the basic forecast and by US$2.8bn under the optimistic forecast. In 2004 Belarus exported US$1.7bn worth of services, up by 15% on the year.

The drafters of the programme suggest a four-stage foreign economic activity strategy. The export development programme will serve as a basis at the first stage; the second stage will use detailed cooperation plans with key regions and countries (the list is being developed by the foreign ministry); the third stage provides for branch-wise export development strategies, while the fourth stage deals with key exporting enterprises. Martynov adds that the programme would be analysed and adjusted every year depending on the situation on foreign markets, unlike the previous programme, which was not flexible enough and turned out to be “slack”, the minister says.