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Pakistan will require US$5bn invested in its power projects by 2010 to generate additional electricity to meets its domestic demand.
The country’s demand for power is rising at some 1,000MW per year, officials claim.
Dubai-based Al Ghurair group has agreed to invest about US$130mn to set up a 130MW power plant at Mari Deep Gas in Sind.
Other UAE-based investors have shown interest in other power projects being offered to the private sector by the Pakistani government.
In its first power generation roadshow Pakistan has unveiled three major power projects with a total capacity of 1,300MW which require an investment of US$1.3bn.
The projects include a 450MW gas-based plant in Faisalabad, a 500MW gas-based plant at Uch in Balochistan and a 350MW dual fuel power plant near Lahore.
Pakistan has asked for foreign participation in its development plans.
Pakistan could face a power shortage of about 1,000MW a year from 2005-06. These shortages are expected to increase to 5,500MW in 2010.