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Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has received an order from Union Nacional Electrica (UNE), the Cuban utility company responsible for the national electrical grid, to build diesel power plants in Cuba, which are worth US$330mn.
HHI will provide a total of 510MW-equivalent diesel power plants including 1,700kW class containerised power stations and 2,500kW class diesel engine-based generating sets. The power plants will be equipped with a total of 244 units of Hyundai-HiMSEN engines, developed by HHI’s indigenous technology. The diesel power plants will be delivered and installed at various parts of Cuba by the end of 2007, according to dispersed generation plans of the Cuban government.
This year, HHI has secured a total of 185MW diesel power plants using Hyundai engines in the Caribbean countries and Latin America including 42MW power plants in Mexico and 14MW and 17MW containerised power stations from the Dominican Republic.
These types of containerised power stations are advantageous for the following reasons:  they don ‘t need any other buildings or facilities to generate power; it is possible to make continuous operations, resulting in high fuel-efficiency and low operating costs; they are usable for heavy fuel oil as well as diesel; and they are also movable according to local power demands so it can be readily installed at areas such as remote countries or construction sites difficult to access to power generation and transmission systems, and river frontages impossible to make hydroelectric generations due to frequent floods.
HHI’s Engine & Machinery Division is the world largest marine engine maker, taking up about 35% of the global ship engine market. The division mainly manufactures marine propulsion systems including large and midi-ship diesel engines, propellers, crankshafts, etc.
HHI has developed its own brand engine, HiMSEN, as ship propelling systems, and HHI’s technology has successfully transformed them into power generation use.