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TradeCard, Inc, the financial supply chain company that enables buyers and sellers to initiate, conduct and settle their trade transactions securely over the internet, is launching operations in the People’s Republic of

  • China and thereby expanding its service in the Greater China region. The new representative office will be located in the Shenzhen Special Economy Zone to be close to the major manufacturing centers of Southern China. TradeCard already has offices in Hong Kong and in Taiwan where the majority of its manufacturer customers are based.

    “We simply had to have a presence in China. Our processing volume in the region grew by approximately 1000% last year and that was just goods manufactured in China by Hong Kong and Taiwan headquartered companies,” says Kurt Cavano, chairman and CEO of TradeCard Inc. “And as China’s economy is opening up to the world as part of the WTO agreement, we see a great opportunity here to help PRC-based companies automate their supply chains fast without the traditional costs of buying and implementing expensive hardware and software licenses to meet the growing demands for use of technology by their overseas trading partners.”

    Already, most of TradeCard’s US-based buyer members such as Wolverine World Wide (Hush Puppy shoes), International Playthings and JC Penney source and manufacture their goods in China and use the TradeCard platform to manage their transactions from purchase order to payment through their vendors based in locations such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. Opening the Representative Office in China is considered a first step for TradeCard to build on this base of work in the Greater China region and to significantly expand its capabilities of supporting trade involving China.

    TradeCard provides an alternative to traditional paper-based, expensive and labour-intensive trade settlement methods. The web-based global trade transaction management platform enables buyers and sellers to initiate, conduct and settle trade transactions online through TradeCard’s secure network. The system has proven beneficial for companies of all sizes. Smaller companies can access the TradeCard system through a simple browser, and larger companies can access TradeCard through their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

    TradeCard is a financial supply chain service provider. TradeCard’s secure transaction infrastructure greatly reduces the inefficiencies and uncertainties found in traditional domestic and cross-border trade transaction processes. By streamlining and enhancing the steps necessary for purchase order approvals, payment decisions and settlement, TradeCard provides a cost-effective, practical and patented service for financial supply chain management.

    TradeCard, Inc. is headquartered in New York City with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo.