Tradewind Finance has partnered with Finamco, a Colombian financial services company, to boost its presence in the Latin American country and the surrounding region.

Established in Germany in 2000, Tradewind now has more than 20 offices, including two in Latin America – one in Brazil and another in Peru. Finamco, which was set up in 2016, has offices in Bogotá, Cali, and Miami and provides SMEs and large corporations with factoring and supply chain finance marketplace services.

Through the partnership, the company will leverage Finamco’s local network to help support its factoring services in the region, with a Tradewind spokesperson telling GTR they expect the partnership will “further boost” its market recognition there.

“Tradewind always has growth in mind and historically has formed partnerships to solidify our presence in different markets. We have great interest in Latin America and plan to invest further resources there,” the spokesperson adds.

As Tradewind’s local partner, Finamco will provide business information and other strategic insights on the local market to Tradewind, and carry out receivables management services for Tradewind’s client relationships within and outside of Colombia.

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with Tradewind on such a significant initiative that will distribute more capital to Colombian SMEs and other Latin American businesses,” says Joaquín Jiménez Krijgsman, managing partner at Finamco. “Our innovative technologies, cash flow management competencies, and local recognition in the business community here will be a valuable complement to Tradewind’s services as well as the international coverage it can offer to our Colombian exporter client base.”