Surecomp, the provider of integrated trade finance solutions for the banking and financial market, has announced that Peru’s Banco Interamericano de Finanzas (BIF) has completed stage I of the implementation of Surecomp’s comprehensive front-to-back trade finance solution and is now in full back office production.

Stage II, focusing on the implementation of NetImex – Surecomp’s internet-based trade finance customer front end – will commence shortly.
BIF is one of the top five Peruvian trade finance banks.

This achievement demonstrates the depth of cooperation between BIF and Surecomp, and the professionalism and dedication of both parties in reaching this milestone, claims Surecomp.

Isabel Quevedo Ocampo, BIF’s international business manager remarks: “We are delighted we have reached this stage. For us, production with IBSnet is a major milestone. BIF can now provide its clients with the most advanced trade services and finance solution in Peru. The implementation was the fastest and most efficient I have witnessed and I would like to compliment the BIF-Surecomp team on a job well done.”