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Coface is moving Bart Pattyn to head group activities in Latin America from 2004. As regional managing director of Coface Holding America Latina he will be based in Mexico City. He will be responsible for the group’s activities in the Latin American continent, the integration of the group’s insurance and non-insurance credit management products and for the partnerships and possible acquisitions that the group has in that region.

In 2000 Coface created a regional head office in Singapore for South Asia Pacific, with a mission to manage the Coface business into the Indian sub-continent, the Asean region (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines), and in Australia and New Zealand.

Under the leadership of Pattyn, who joined Coface in September 2000, Coface South Asia Pacific has grown rapidly, and now encompasses a network of eight offices in five countries with staff of seven different nationalities.

Furthermore, several new partners have joined Coface in the area in a wide cooperation to provide its customers with an integrated regional credit management service. In the last three years, through the establishment of Coface’s Singapore branch, and through Coface InfoAsia, with the help of the regional offices of Coface, the group has been able to gain an important market position in South Asia Pacific.

In Singapore, Pattyn will be succeeded by Jean-Claude Speitel. Speitel has been at Coface since 1979 in various operational and central positions. At present Speitel is director in the Group International Department in Coface La D éfence, which is in charge for the management and the supervision of the international network of the group. In this function, Speitel is responsible for the supervision of the Coface group’s development in Asia.