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US Ex-Im Bank has approved nearly US$60mn in financing to support the export of 10 model S-76C+ helicopters and spare parts by Sikorsky Aircraft Corp to Lider Taxi Aereo of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Ex-Im is providing a direct loan to the Lider Group to support the transaction.
Lider Taxi, a leading provider of offshore helicopter services in Brazil, will use the helicopters to fulfil five-year service contracts with Petrobras and other customers to support offshore oil and gas exploration and operations. The helicopters will also be used for passenger and cargo transportation within Brazil.
“Ex-Im Bank is pleased to be supporting this transaction for Sikorsky. The sale of these commercial-purpose helicopters will further Sikorsky’s market share in Brazil and lead to follow-on opportunities for the company in the offshore oil services industry,” says Ex-Im chairman Philip Merrill.