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ECGD is backing a UK exporter who has won business worth £22mn to supply equipment for Brazilian Air Force aircraft used to counter drug trafficking and boost humanitarian work in the Amazon.

Under two contracts, 76 AL-X Super Tucano aircraft will be fitted with new ejection seats supplied by the Middlesex-based Martin-Baker Aircraft Co Ltd. Upgrade ejection seat work will also be carried out on other Brazilian Air Force aircraft. The British exporter will be paid by the Brazilian Air Force with two bank loans guaranteed by ECGD.

Trade Minister Mike O”Brien says: “The Super Tucano aircraft will be sold for aerial surveillance use including ozone monitoring, fighting illegal logging and combating drug trafficking. Martin-Baker is an experienced UK engineering firm that has become a world leader in its field.  I am pleased that ECGD’s support has helped it secure this business.”

Deutsche Bank is providing financing for the bank loan involving the AL-X Super Tucano aircraft, which are being developed by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

Ejection seats on other aircraft will be overhauled by the UK exporter.  The aircraft will used for social and humanitarian work in the remote areas of the Amazon basin as part of a drive by Brazil’s Ministry of Health, Environment and Education to help indigenous communities such as the Amazon Indians. Financing for the bank loan involving these aircraft is being provided by HSBC Investment Bank plc.

Andrew Martin, business development manager at Martin-Baker, adds: “We see ECGD’s support as playing an increasingly greater role in this type of business. ECGD’s guidance and backing has been instrumental in helping Martin-Baker secure these two contracts with the Brazilian Air Force.”