GTR+ UK 2018

From the editor

08-03-18 / by Shannon Manders

With this first-of-its-kind GTR+ UK publication, we diverge from our usual regional coverage to focus specifically on a country that has […] Subscribe

UK: Trade briefing

08-03-18 / by GTR

The economic and political context The economic and political context of trade in the UK has been dominated by Brexit […] Subscribe

The funding road less travelled

08-03-18 / by GTR

As regulations continue to hammer major banks, small and medium-sized exporters are finding it increasingly tricky to access the financing […] Subscribe

A new way to play trade

08-03-18 / by GTR

GTR Ventures is a new investment firm formed in partnership with GTR, investing in the equity of trade technology companies […] Subscribe

The value chain conundrum

08-03-18 / by GTR

Following the UK's decision to withdraw from the EU, companies have finally been given a glimpse of the potential terms […] Subscribe

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