Piper Starr, coordinator of special projects in the policy group at US Exim Bank, has been elected vice-president of the Berne Union, the international organisation of public and private export credit agencies and companies dedicated to promoting sound credit principles in international trade and investment.

Starr’s election marks the first time in 20 years that a US Exim Bank official has held an office within the union.

Before assuming her current position as coordinator of special projects in Exim Bank’s policy group, Starr was vice-president of planning and international relations in the policy group, and before that vice-president of US Exim Bank’s insurance division. Starr is responsible for all matters relating to the Berne Union. She also oversees preparation of Exim Bank’s annual competitiveness report to Congress, among other responsibilities.

The Berne Union was founded in 1934 as an international non-profit, organisation to facilitate cross-border trade by providing a forum for professional exchanges between its members and by actively supporting international acceptance of sound principles in export credits and foreign investment.

The group now has 54 members in 44 countries.

The secretary-general of the Berne Union is Kimberly Wiehl, and the secretariat is based in London. Hans Janus of Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG was recently re-elected as president of the organisation.