Tinubu Square, a provider of credit insurance and trade finance software, has appointed Offer Sadey as its new chief technology officer.

Sadey will be responsible for shaping and implementing Tinubu’s technology strategy and managing the company’s technical teams.

The hire comes as the firm is attempting to put innovation at the forefront of its offering, having launched a new lab earlier this year to explore new technologies together with its clients. Sébastien Méric, who was previously the company’s CTO, was appointed head of the new innovation lab.

As Tinubu’s new CTO, Sadey’s key focus will be to extend the vendor’s offer with “an integrated platform in which users can collaborate more efficiently”, he tells GTR.

“This platform will include trade credit, surety bonding, political risk, receivable finance and common shared services as well. I want to integrate technology developed in our lab, including artificial intelligence and blockchain, so that more decisions are taken automatically in our products,” he says.

He will also be scaling up his teams. This continues the firm’s hiring spree: it recruited three sales vice-presidents in September to grow its presence in Asia, North America and Europe.

Before joining Tinubu, Sadey was vice-president of engineering at the French SaaS solutions software provider Oodrive. He has previously worked for LCH clearing house, Generix and Infopro, among others. He will continue to be based in Paris, where Tinubu has its headquarters.

Commenting on the newest addition to the team, the firm’s deputy CEO Olivier Placca says: “Offer’s experience in managing large R&D teams and his technological expertise from his experiences with leading software providers will be key assets for the future of Tinubu Square’s solutions. We have a duty to serve our customers as well as possible and to onboard new ones by guaranteeing quality of service, performance, availability and integration into their different ecosystems. We wanted to support our new growth phase by surrounding ourselves with talented employees, recognised for their experience, competence and network, and I am confident that Offer will be an undeniable asset for Tinubu Square.”