Former Citibank manager Lyron Wahrmann has joined the Israel office of Surecomp, a global trade finance solutions provider, as head of digitisation.

Financial technology lecturer Wahrmann established the Citigroup Tel Aviv research and development site in 2011 and continued as its general manager until 2016, when he left the bank. Since then he has taught students at IDC Herzliya, a private Israeli university, and founded αlfy, a robo analytics startup.

In his new role at Surecomp, Wahrmann will oversee digital operations and innovations in financial solutions. He will report to Eyal Hareuveny, the company’s president.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Surecomp group”, says Wahrmann. “Digital is the future and that’s where Surecomp’s concentration is.”

The organisation has eight development and support centres worldwide: in the US, Argentina, Chile, the UK, Germany, Israel, Singapore and China. The organisation provides trade finance, supply chain finance and treasury solutions to customers in over 80 countries.