Michael Gilham has joined the risk and portfolio management team at Lloyds TSB Corporate Transaction Services (CTS), the bank’s risk management and trade finance unit, in London.

Responsible for risk and trade finance portfolio management, he will report to Shalini Khemka, director of risk and portfolio management at CTS. Gilham will perform a vital role in developing the bank’s innovative trade portfolio management methodology and assessment techniques.

“The risk and portfolio management team is finalising product-specific profit calculation tools to assess both individual transactions and the portfolio as a whole,” explains Gilham. “Such tools enable us to allocate valuable credit lines on the basis of economic profit. In combining this capability with their origination and distribution capabilities the bank is simultaneously increasing the volume of transactions they undertake, while increasing the economic profit derived from their portfolio.”

Gilham brings with him considerable experience of trade finance and the management of related risks, having worked for many years in trade finance and associated areas at Citibank and Lloyds TSB.