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The African Development Fund (ADF) has approved a grant of 3.23 million units of account (UA) equivalent to US$ 4.26mn under the Technical Assistance Fund (TAF) to finance the multi-sectoral institutional support project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The project aims to strengthen macro-economic management and public investment programming capacities as well as those of the support structures to the Emergency Multisectoral Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Programme (EMRRP). It will also promote the private sector through the improvement of the institutional and regulatory framework.

The ADF grant will contribute to poverty alleviation in DRC through the building of development management capacities that will help increase the allocation of State financial resources to social sectors. The strengthening of the effectiveness and pertinence of economic and financial programmes will promote substantial and sustained growth benefiting the least privileged segments of the population. Furthermore, the project will help meet the conditions for the conduct of the national poverty survey (ENAP) in order to finalize the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP).

The ADF/ TAF grant will be used to finance the entire foreign exchange costs and 88.2% of the local currency costs of the project whose total cost is estimated at UA3.40mn equivalent to US$4.50mn.

Bank Group operations in DRC started in 1972. To-date, the group has committed a total amount equivalent to US$754.11mn on 54 operations. Of this amount, around US$710.54mn has been disbursed.

*1UA = US$1.32163 as at November 1, 2002
*1 UA = ZRZ 65.1500 as at

  • November 1, 2002

    Description: Support to macro-economic management and programming of public investments; Support to the emergency multi-sectoral economic infrastructure rehabilitation programme; support to private sector development structures; project management.

    Beneficiary: DRC

    Executing agency: Bureau Central de Coordination (BCECO),
    Boul. du 30 juin, Immeuble Alhadef, 4 í¨me étage Kinshasa, RDC
    Tel : (243) 8930323 Fax: (243) 8801586; E-mail: bceco@micronet.ccl.

    Starting date: March 2003

    Duration: 24 months

    Procurement: International competitive bidding: computer and office automation equipment (computers, printers, software, and photocopiers); Local shopping: equipment, office furniture, vehicles and sundry supplies; Shortlist: consultancy services.