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GlobalTrade Corporation has announced that DaimlerChrysler will use the @GlobalTrade Document Preparation & Collaboration System for processing commercial transactions starting with selected departments in factory Woerth, producing commercial vehicles, and plans to expand the system step by step to other factories and departments located in Germany.

DaimlerChrysler will use @GlobalTrade Document Preparation and Collaboration System to share export documentary credit information with its factories and other departments such as Sales and Logistics and to prepare and collaborate on export documentation internally and with third parties. DaimlerChrysler will also use @GlobalTrade eLC Delivery System to connect those banks that currently cannot send documentary credit messages electronically.

GlobalTrade Corporation (GTC) designs, develops and manages innovative, collaborative products and services for global trade services. The company services producers and traders that require multi-bank information exchange and document management systems for controlling risk exposure and clean document creation, and financial institutions that require secure electronic data exchange with their corporate customers.