The UK ministry of defence has Taylor-Dejongh, an energy and infrastructure project finance advisory firm, as a financial advisor for its offset project in Saudi Arabia.


Al Yammamah Economic Offset Programme is an initiative between the Saudi Arabian government and the UK, with the aim of developing the industrial base of Saudi Arabia. This is meant to be achieved through setting up joint ventures and licensing deals between Saudi and foreign companies to encourage the development of technology in the manufacturing and service-based industries.
The range of industrial sectors that can be targeted is relatively broad, only excluding the physical extraction of oil and gas. Examples of projects developed under this offset programme include a pharmaceuticals formulation facility involving Glaxo Wellcome, a sugar refinery project developed with participation from Tate and Lyle as well as a variety of petrochemical complexes.

Taylor DeJongh’s role will be to provide general and specific financial advice to the UK ministry of defence, as well as to project sponsors developing ventures under the terms of the programme.