TradeCard, the provider of global trade solutions for financial and physical supply chain automation, has released new solution enhancements that insert logistics tracking capabilities across its global trade platform and visibility suite to enable control of product and money flow.


TradeCard’s enhancements integrate physical, financial and logistical aspects of the supply chain. This integration provides trading partners with a full and in-depth view of their transactions, which comprise the extended global supply chain.


The new release builds on the strength and momentum of the TradeCard Platform and SourceView visibility suite to offer a robust global trade solution that enables end-to-end visibility across multiple supply chain partners from raw materials through shipment and logistics.


“With increased pressure to accelerate every aspect of the supply chain, full end-to-end visibility of every step of the process is required to be successful in today’s environment,” says Kurt Cavano, CEO of TradeCard. “With TradeCard’s latest enhancements, our customers will have an unprecedented window into their supply chain. With one click of the mouse, you can see every place on the planet where a particular item is being touched, including details such as: ‘How much is on order

  • How much is in process at every vendor factory and in what stage of production is it
  • How much is available for early shipment that I don’t own
  • How much is ready to ship that I own
  • How much is in transit and, of that amount in transit, what is its exact location – at the source port, mid-ocean, destination port, in customs, in warehouse
  • ‘ This level of visibility allows our customers to fully implement the advanced postponement and acceleration strategies that are recommended by the next generation of demand planning systems. When you layer on TradeCard’s imbedded financial services, this is truly Supply Chain 2.0.”



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