Surecomp’s Imex offering, its “Thin Client” trade finance solution, has been certified as enabled. The Imex solution, which was recently awarded SwiftReady Gold accreditation for a fifth consecutive year, can now claim the prestigious award of official approval, says a Surecomp spokesman. The awarding of accreditation confirms that Imex is fully integrated with the Bolero system and meets the requirements stipulated by Bolero. may be used as a document-messaging platform to and from Imex. In addition, it is possible to receive and send any of the bank-related BoleroXML messages. These include messages to issue and amend, and presentation of documents under documentary credits. Supported by seven of the world’s major banking groups as well as global trading houses and major carriers, ushers in a new era of paperless trading using the information highway that is the internet, allowing documents and data to be exchanged online between all parties within the trade chain.