TradeCard Inc, the provider of on-demand supply chain automation products, has announced that top gear bag designer Ogio has become a member of the TradeCard Platform and has opted to acquire TradeCard’s SourceView visibility suite.

Ogio will implement TradeCard to generate new process efficiencies that will eliminate paper-based and manual processes, automate transactions from order to payment, and leverage online financial services to support the company’s growth. SourceView will provide event tracking functionality to control the movement of goods in the supply chain and enable visibility to eliminate PO delivery surprises.

“The TradeCard Platform and SourceView suite will help us reduce costs by automating purchase order management processes from PO issuance through chargebacks,” says Gary Bowen, CFO of Ogio. “TradeCard will also enable us to better manage events in the supply chain including vendor compliance and goods receipt reconciliation.”

TradeCard’s unique technology offering, extensive trade and financial services network, and global support will enable Ogio to obtain complete visibility from procurement to payment, streamline discrepancy negotiation and better manage payment authorization. Ogio will benefit from supply chain agility that will allow them to quickly roll-out and source from low cost regions while maintaining control of the supply chain, with minimal investment.

“Ogio is a growing company that runs a lean, efficient operation and strives to consistently improve its margins,” says Kurt Cavano, CEO of TradeCard. “TradeCard will enable Ogio to extend visibility and agility in its supply chain to improve margins and further drive business growth. TradeCard’s on-demand platform and SourceView suite will help synchronise the flow of cash and goods to reduce costs and ensure that orders arrive at the right place at the right time.”

TradeCard provides flexibility and scalability that allows users to add trading partners to their network as they grow. Users have the opportunity to further enhance cost savings obtained through the TradeCard Platform by leveraging innovative financial services offered through the TradeCard network, such as TradeCard’s early payment programme.