Trade credit insurer Atradius has rolled out its new global credit management portal, giving businesses “an advanced way to complete credit insurance transactions”.

Under the name Atradius Atrium, the portal enables its customers to constantly monitor and smoothly interact with their buyers and with the insurer. They will have instant access to information about buyers’ creditworthiness, such as buyer ratings, current cover and claims.

With a clear picture of the buyers, companies can apply directly and immediately for cover. In most cases, credit limit decisions are immediate.

The Oracle-based portal is now part of Atradius’ digital platform. In a statement, the company says Atrium is “designed to evolve with digital advancements and user requirements”, and more features will be introduced over the next six months.

The company’s chief market officer, Andreas Tesch, says that “in a nutshell” the launch gives Atradius’ customers a “more efficient, user-friendly service platform” as it simplifies account activities and reduces the risk of suffering losses caused by payment defaults.

“This new approach and technology is a tremendous timesaver for all and reduces the possibility of errors,” he says. “Our customers can essentially check a buyer’s creditworthiness during a deal negotiation and have cover approved before the end of the meeting. It supports better risk management and growth potential with a clear insight on safer trade for them.”

Atradius plans to expand the portal to include customer access to detailed portfolio overviews highlighting trends and events that may impact the policy, direct access to other information relevant to the users as well as claims filing “in just a couple of clicks”. Atrium will also be able to provide a clear overview and information for brokers and agents to manage multiple policies and customer portfolios.