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Michael Ahern, TD, Irish minister for international trade showed his support for export training and innovation by delivering the keynote address at the 3rd Annual International Trade Specialist Award Evening hosted by Anglo Irish Bank on December 7 in Dublin, Ireland.

Over 60 dedicated international trade executives attended this event which showcased the top three industry trade studies presented by recent graduates of the International Trade Specialist Accreditation Programme (ITS) delivered by the electronic Business School of Ireland (eBSI). 
Three finalists selected from over 30 countries were selected to compete head to head for the China Systems Trophy 2004.

The presentations covered key technical issues impacting on the export sector’s ability to compete internationally. Hewlett Pakard’s Caroline Broderick examined the technical aspects of export licensing. Gavin Makowski, a UK-based international trade executive of Whyte Chemicals outlined the cost savings that can be achieved through proper management of the supply chain.

During his keynote speech, Ahern stated: “The ITS Accreditation Programme makes an important contribution to building strong companies capable of trading successfully in the global market”.

The panel of international judges, chaired by Colum MacDonnell, former chief executive of the Irish Exporters Association chose Makowski’s presentation and he was awarded the China Systems Trophy for “Best International Trade Project 2004 ‘.

Broderick was presented with the award for ITS Student of the Year 2004 by HSBC Bank. Jimmy Watters from Hamman International Dublin received a formal acknowledgement for his practical contribution to the programme.

Launched in 2002, the eBSI’s distance learning school is developing a unique global network of students and specialists with the aim of sharing trade knowledge and promoting the development of accredited standards in international trade.

The eBSI is a member of the International Association of Trade Training Organisations (IATTO) and is accredited by the Irish Exporters Association and the Institute of Export in the UK. The programme has expanded from Ireland and the UK and now has participants in over 30 countries.
The strong growth in this network has attracted the attention of many leading international trade and finance organisations including the event sponsors China Systems and HSBC Bank.

At the recent annual forum of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Vincent O ‘Brien, first director of eBSI accepted the award as “Best International Trade and Finance Trainer 2004 ‘.
Peter Tseng, chairman of China Systems, who travelled from China for the event, closed proceedings noting that “the practical experience of the presenters shone through and highlighted the benefits of a collaborative skill-based trade network”.