The International Institute for Practitioners in Credit Insurance and Surety (IPCIS) in collaboration with the University of East London Business School in the UK is offering a postgraduate diploma course for those working in credit insurance, surety and financial services. This course, the first of its kind, offers a great opportunity to gain an internationally recognised qualification in these areas of expertise. Equally, it also forms an excellent foundation for those seeking a career within these disciplines, claims IPCIS.

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, the International Credit Insurance & Surety Association (ICISA) has launched a scholarship, which pays the total student tuition fee of £6,000 for the two-year diploma course. Potential candidates for this scholarship are now invited to apply.

Applicants are requested to submit an essay of 1,500 to 2,000 words on one of the following topics:

  • What is the contribution of credit insurance and/or surety insurance to business growth and development?
  • Following well publicised collapses in recent years, what role can the credit insurance and/or surety industries play in limiting the danger of such occurrences in the future?
  • What are the main roles of the credit insurance and surety industries and whose interests should they serve?

A panel consisting of representatives of ICISA, IPCIS and the University of East London Business School will review each entry. The winner will be judged on the criteria that the essay:

  • is well-structured and contains a persuasive argument
  • demonstrates a real interest in and knowledge of credit insurance and/or surety
  • demonstrates analytical skills rather than simple reportage and description
  • shows some element of originality
  • uses appropriate illustrations demonstrating knowledge of credit insurance and/or surety
  • draws appropriate conclusions
  • is clearly written in English

Essays should preferably be submitted in electronic format to:

Alternatively, submissions may be sent to the following address:

Scholarship Application
Herengracht 473
1017 BS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Essays should contain the applicant’s full contact details, and be received by November 15, 2003at the latest.

All submitted essays become the property of ICISA.

To be admitted to the IPCIS course, an undergraduate degree or its equivalent is normally required. However, those with significant experience within the industry, but without an undergraduate degree, are encouraged to apply as well, and will be asked to demonstrate the depth and breadth of their experience.

The course is conducted entirely in English and students should have an excellent working knowledge of English.